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Alhamdulilallah, This is really needed.... Good work.
[Aamir Husain - Bhopal, India]
Very good start, people are looking for this.....
[Sadaf Ali - Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh]
Easy and simple
[Mohammed ibrahim - Madurai Tamil nadu]
[Javed Khan - Bhopal]
[Sarfaraz nabilal nigeban - Solapur]
[Zaid - Bengaluru]
Great Service
[Alfaaz - Colombo]
Thank you Al Nikah
[Resh Nesha - Patna India]
I really appreciate this effort. Al Nikah is well featured and secure matrimonial portal for muslims. I request all members and non members to promote this website and be a part of the efforts of Al Nikah.com team.
[Mohammad Saleh Hashmi - Bhopal, India]
Half of deen
[Naweed anwar - Ranchi, India]