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The Question of Compatibility or Kufu (Family Status Of Man)

The Question of Compatibility or Kufu (Family Status Of Man)

By the word of `Kufu' is meant the family and the status of man entering into a marriage fold with a woman. Under this term Kufu. generally status of a man is lower than that of the woman, but not of that state which may be a shame of undignified in mutual behavior. This term is usually applied to man who social status is always a matter of borbe or interest whenever the wedlock affair between two strangers or of different status is spoken of. The woman of any grade / status is seldom a matter of enquiry.

PROBLEM:- The Nikah of an underage boy with a girl of a non Kufu status (belonging to other caste / tribe) performed by some wati are other the father or grand father is not valid. A mature person, can perform his Nikah with some one of non-kufu status because the question of being a Kufu or non kufu is not a point of consideration, but in the case of underage boy and girl the point of Kufu is to be kept in view.

PROBLEM:- The validity of Kufu depends upon six factors,

  1. Family Lineage (nasab)
  2. Islam
  3. Profession
  4. Being Free (not a slave)
  5. Integrity / honesty (diyanat)
  6. Wealth (financial position).

All the dynasties belonging to Quraish are Kufu to one another in as much as a Qarshi (of the Quraish Tribe) is a Kufu of a non Hashimi, but no non-Qarshi is a Kufu of Quraish. Except for Quraish all the communities of Arabs are Kufu to one another, Ansars and Muhajars are equally included in this. A person of Ajami (non Arab) lineage is not a Kufu on an Arab, with the exception that the nobility of a religious scholar of any lineage is about the nobility of any other kind.

PROBLEM:- A person who embraces Islam (i.e. his ancestors were non-muslims) he is not a Kufu of one whose father is a Muslim, and the person whose father only is Musalman is not a Kufu of one whose grand father is a Musalman. For an Arab who himself embraces Islam or Islam is being followed by his father and grand father all are equal (and Kufu of one another).

PROBLEM:- A transgressor (fasiq) is not the Kufu of the daughter of a righteous father, though the girl herself is not righteous. This is obvious that a transgression in faith far worse than the transgression in conduct / character. There fore the kufu of a sunni woman can not be that irreligious religious person who irreligiosity has not touched the boundary line of Kufr (infidelity or unbelief). And such anti religion persons whose anti religiousness has overshot the bounds of disbelief, the question of such a person marrying a Muslim woman does not arise at all, the issue of his being a Kufu is not even worth mentioning. 

PROBLEM:- The status of Kufu in respect of wealth or financial position demands that the man must possess enough amount of money so as to pay off the Meher-e-Mu'ajjal (Instant payable Meher) and the alimony (expenses on maintenance and etc of the family). If he is not engaged in any profession, he must provide at least a months provisions, an if he is daily wage earner he must give the family the minimum which would suffer daily expenses.

PROBLEM:- If the woman is dependent (resource less) and her father and grand father are also like her, then her Kufu from monetary point of view can be only that person who is able to pay off instant Meher and provide maintenance expenses.

PROBLEM:- The minor son of wealthy man will be considered Kufu in respect of money, even if he does not have any amount of his own.

PROBLEM:- Persons engaged in menial profession can not be Kufu of those engaged in noble professions. However those in the capacity of shop owners, factory managers of things considered as of law status such as shoe making etc. can be Kufu of those of less resources belonging to noble professions.

PROBLEM:- A man was Kufu (financially) at the time of Nikah, but his state suffered financial set back, in spite of this his Nikah will remain valid.

PROBLEM:- A man who was engaged in low brand profession which did not make him Kufu for some reasons (feeling shame) he left the job. If he improves his status which removed his sense of indignity, he will now be a Kufu.

PROBLEM:- Though Physical beauty, suffering form some disease and defects (of any kind) are all of passing a nature, even then the wali must keep their repercussions in view so that embarrassment / complication may not have to be faced at later on.